30 days and going strong

waze iconsI’m a huge fan of Waze. For my commute to Denver for work a couple of years ago, I relied on this traffic app to know when I needed to take an alternate route, when a cop was in the area or when it was going to be an extra-long drive home.

I still use it for local driving, because it’s great not just for telling you where you’re going but when you can expect to arrive. Of course, it first has to understand where you are now.

Thankfully, when it comes to blogging, I don’t need Waze to tell me where I am now. After 30 days straight of shipping, I have a pretty good idea.

Now, I’m excited about where I go from here.

Lessons learned

After 30 days of blogging, I discovered I can do it. I can blog regularly and reliably. Some days, it’s meaningful. Other days, I don’t feel like shipping at all. But I know now I can push over those hurdles. That stopped me many times before.

I’ve also discovered I have something (lots, actually) to say. And I’m discovering new things to learn and share. Not necessarily out of my initial scope for my blog, but different angles than I expected.


For the record, here’s where I am on my little journey now:

  • Completing a demanding commitment through #YourTurnChallenge (I did it!)
  • Inspired to keep going and keep learning
  • Freed up – liberated – to move forward
Where to go from here

From here, while I’m not exactly certain where my blog will end up, I am excited about the journey. It will probably be someplace I’ve never even imagined for myself.

Encouraged by a wonderful group of companions* on this journey, I am gaining confidence daily through what I learn from and through them. I love that part.

Going forward, I want to go deeper. That may mean blogging less frequently so I can plan content with greater precision. Maybe it means punctuating more thought-out content with abbreviated posts.

But my big Aha! is that, while there are many professional blogs out there designed, down to a science, to monetize content, for once I don’t feel I have to be among them.

And now, moving on.

* Estelle, Ann, Steve, Nancy, Mona and Gwen, to name a few

6 thoughts on “30 days and going strong

  1. Congratulations Nydia, I never doubted you’d make it! I think good writing takes three things (heart, brains and guts) and you’ve got those in spades. Keep going … (you can finish that line)


  2. As always i enjoy your candor. and the precision with which you write… its somehow comes truly from the heart which makes it authentic for me. I’m going through the same process at the moment..trying to figure out exactly where i am with this and where the blog will take me.. It seems to be evolving a bit each day..so i think it takes patience and consideration more than it is asking for a lot of pre- structured planning.. what do you think? I love the free spirit journal- like repartee that is emerging…humnnnn i feel another post coming on 🙂 So good getting to know you. Cheers,e

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  3. Thanks, Estelle! Such a wonderfully interesting way to get to make new friends, isn’t it? I love it. You know, for me, my blog will need a leeeetle planning. Not a ton of structure, just enough to keep me from careening like I did here: http://nydia.typepad.com/. I might import some of those posts eventually, but I couldn’t keep on-topic then because I didn’t have one. Now I have 2-3 topics and, at least for now, I hope to keep them connected. Yikes!

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