There is life after a layoff

doctor-is-inIt has been a week.

A number of my friends and former colleagues were laid off. Some saw it coming, but I think many didn’t.

And just like that, it felt like old times. Having an open door, (OK, a phone, texting and Facebook) being the sounding board, fielding lots of questions. Why? Who? When? How?

In the end, when a layoff happens to you, all that really matters is What.

Having been there not once, but three times – twice in the last few years – it’s hard not to feel their pain. And surprisingly, at first it was hard not to relive my own.

Thankfully, getting to the other side does happen. It takes time, healing, rest, resetting and, most importantly, getting back up and dusting ourselves off.

Also in there somewhere , but absolutely necessary, is re-prioritizing. Values change, focus changes and, eventually, we learn how to negotiate back into our lives the prerequisite margin we need to live life fully – preferably more fully than before.

Ultimately, though, we have to be there for each other. Not only would I never wish a layoff on someone the way they happen these days. I wouldn’t wish on anyone to go through it alone.

4 thoughts on “There is life after a layoff

  1. I truly am sorry. My husband was blind-sided after 20 years with Nikon. It was life-changing, seven years ago. It all changes for good, maybe not the same, in a matter of seconds. Encouragement from others to keep doing what it takes to make that next “yes” happen is crucial. I’m glad you are forming a support system.

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    • You know that is SO true. We were so fortunate – I’ll credit any smarts to the hubby – to refinance our home while interest rates were low, just before my job situation changed. While it’s in the works, we’ve not yet simplified the way we’d like. But one thing we’ve learned is that we can live on so much less than we used to. And we enjoy a much better quality of life. Good point, Monica. Thanks for stopping by!


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