Forget the test. It’s time to ship

Sometimes you just have to get off your duff, quit talking or thinking about it and just do it. Talking, imagining, ideating, envisioning – it’s all great. Shipping is better.

After my last post, I didn’t know which direction I wanted to take with my new blog. I mean, if I hadn’t posted regularly in over two years – and certainly not on a focused topic –  did I really think I could manage two or three blogs — one on culture/family and another on communications?

Nope. So I’m going to combine them, mostly because they’re all related.

Poor Mexican Gone isn’t just a title. It’s a future state. It’s going to require that second- and third-generation Americans like me muster up some cojones to help future generations with better access to education and make sure they are able to push through to the other side, to success.

That’s why I’m shipping. This week, that means posting every day, seven days in a row. Why? Well, for one thing, Seth and Winnie said so.

Honestly, it’s the kick in the pants I’ve needed after a busy year (or three) of major transition. I’m excited for a chance to join a community of people who are committed to starting (or restarting) their blogs.

Fellow #YourTurnChallenge bloggers, let’s do this!

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