WFH: How’s it going for ya?

* WFH – Working from home

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A few years ago, I wanted so badly to trade places with my consultant husband. I worked for ‘the man’ and had done so my entire career.

But I didn’t get to pick up at the drop of a hat, go for a bike ride or on a fishing trip (not that I would) – or even ride some powder in the mountains after fresh snow. I was a mere mortal.

If I’m honest, I probably held a grudge for a good 10 years. Until the tables turned.

Now, I’m wearing his shoes and well, there’s a lot to learn — mostly about myself.

In fact, it wasn’t until just recently I realized how much I need to be around people as part of my work. I’m a flaming extrovert, so while I adore my cat, being alone with him all day – well, that just won’t work.

Trust experienced telecommuters
I’m thinking Someone is saying something to me. Between this blog from Tara Mohr:

One of the things that made difference – that made the exciting parts come to the fore, and the harder parts fade to the background, was taking care of myself in the little ways. I’ve been spending so much more time with people I love, and taking the time to get out and do my work in beautiful cafes – doing the little things that nurture me.

..and this straightforward listen-to-your-rhythms piece, I need to make some changes.

Is the grass really greener?
In a world driven by happy-path stories and personas, it’s easy to think everyone else is living the dream. (Pssst…they’re probably thinking the same of you.) But sometimes what we have is exactly what we need during that moment … just with a slight twist.

My “twist” will be working away from home more – in cafés beautiful or otherwise – so I can be around people more. What will yours be?

3 thoughts on “WFH: How’s it going for ya?

  1. I’m not sure yet how I am going to deal with this issue. I have been working from home for about 15 years. The constant moving (9 times) keeps me busy. Where is the cafe here? 🙂 Certainly, I am thinking about it, especially since family and old friends are on the right coast, pun intended.

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  2. I’ve been working from home for 9 months, and I get a bit of cabin fever, but the work I do has all been in my glass studio, and it would be hard to do that anywhere else. I’m thinking I might go elsewhere to write, just for a change of scenery.
    I have enjoyed getting together with friends and former colleagues for lunch, that’s been very important. I would have a hard time working remotely with colleagues that I only knew online–that’s very isolating.
    My wife still has to go to the office, and there are days I think she’s jealous, but in general she’s handled it much better than I would is she was retired and I was still working in an office.


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