The story of Facebook vs The Internet


Reading this post’s first paragraph flipped the switch of how I understood my mom’s perception of the internet. Just think: What are the implications of internet newcomers thinking that the Web = Facebook?

Even Better News

According to Leo Mirani of Quartz, millions of people on Facebook have no idea they’re using the internet:

This is more than a matter of semantics. The expectations and behaviors of the next billion people to come online will have profound effects on how the internet evolves. If the majority of the world’s online population spends time on Facebook, then policymakers, businesses, startups, developers, nonprofits, publishers, and anyone else interested in communicating with them will also, if they are to be effective, go to Facebook. That means they, too, must then play by the rules of one company. And that has implications for us all.

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2 thoughts on “The story of Facebook vs The Internet

  1. Agreed, I’ve run into this, and it surprised me. But it’s related to the observation that people don’t use OSs, they use applications. My mom doesn’t realize she’s on the internet, she uses email, Facebook, or the weather channel page. The underlying infrastructure is invisible to her.

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