In an Instant


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Tonight we watched a new ABC show called “In an Instant,” a series of mini-“documentaries” about how people’s lives have been changed in the blink of an eye, usually by adversity.

It brought to mind two important things:

  • How important cherishing family is, regardless of time, distance, estrangement, whatever. Much easier said than done. But the bottom line is, I have one shot – and only one – to give them my best, so I’d better make it good.
  • I need to take what has happened in my life, own my response to it and come out of it newly equipped and empowered to make the most of it. A reminder to let the waves carry me, rather than crash into me.

2 thoughts on “In an Instant

  1. Thanks so much, Mona. I think the season I’m going through helps me slow down and appreciate that what happens in my life becomes a part of who I am and who I am becoming. Really affects my perspective, that’s for sure! Thanks for your encouragement.


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