So you wanna work in nonprofit?

Woman holds up handmade jewelry for display

This proud mom in Dominican Republic shows off her handmade jewelry – skills she gained through a microenterprise program for single parents implemented by one of Compassion International’s church partners. Her small business helps her sustain her family’s livelihood.

It’s become such a romantic idea to work for a good cause. So romantic, many Americans would probably rather work for a cause than for the Man.

It’s certainly noble.
It’s definitely rewarding.

But don’t be fooled. It is also hard work. And I don’t just mean long hours.

I’m convinced there is an evil in the world that doesn’t want to see good to come of anything – including whatever good things you set out to do.

Whether it’s more red tape than is necessary to get something done to logistical nightmares to communication misunderstandings, it’s good to be prepared for whatever comes your way.

As the saying goes, forewarned is forearmed. Be alert and wary that the good work you do will meet resistance.

That’s when you pull up your big-girl/boy panties, stand up tall and fight your way through. I’m confident you will find reward on the other side. Fatigue too, but it will be the best fatigue you’ve ever felt.

6 thoughts on “So you wanna work in nonprofit?

    • No I haven’t – but I might now. That was purely from experience. Thanks for the recommendation! Oh – and I noticed you’re following now. Thanks so much for that, too.

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  1. Have such joy as i read your posts.. I have worked for a number of non profit groups over the years. Your words are so true.. I have come to believe it is a very personal decision .. its a ‘commander’s call’ to identify and examine one’s own view of ‘myths and realities’… It calls out for a real step at a time..walk thru time.


    • Thanks, Estelle! Yes – definitely a calling that deserves serious consideration. This conversation is helping me, by the way. Grateful for everyone’s thoughts! It’s a helpful conversation for me.

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