How I met Braulio … at Trader Joe’s

Vintage Trader Joe's signI was making a quick grocery trip today to our fairly new Trader Joe’s (finally, we’re a legit mid-size city). About to part ways with my checkout guy, I spotted his name tag: BRAULIO.

Naturally, I asked him about it. I mean, the same name as my great-grandfather – what are the chances?

We chatted about where he’s from, where my great-grandfather Braulio was from, and the origins of their shared name.

I wasn’t smart enough to take a selfie with the college-y looking Braulio (although I might try in the future).

But, I can say I met a Braulio. At Trader Joe’s.

While I’d love to claim I’d found my Braulio, it’s far too early for “mission accomplished.” Maybe it was a sign of some kind. Maybe my breakthrough is coming.

3 thoughts on “How I met Braulio … at Trader Joe’s

  1. Wonderful story you are uncovering.. Although i love how you write and share it.. I’m finding your search itself a wonderful story. It gives such insight when curiosity moments spin into reality steps and clues.. Keep telling us this story its such a favorite of mine. Cheers..e

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  2. There was a Trader Joe’s in Albuquerque when we moved to New Mexico. Fortunately since we might have otherwise been lost for shopping!
    I’m fascinated by you letting your search for your past be a part of your present

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    • Thanks, Monica. Let’s just say this research two decades ago initiated a major identity shift for me. It has had a major effect on who I am and how I see myself past, present and future. It’s like a really frustrating game whose payoff is potentially huge. 😉


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