Taming squirrels

Parque Zoológico Santa Fe - Medellín - Colombia - Suramerica

Photo by memoossa

Feels like so long since I’ve blogged.

The silence has been less for lack of something to say than for lack of ability to focus on something to say (hence the squirrel). Lots of transition swirling about, and I’m having to be much more intentional about how I process and manage a few moving targets. Basically, I’m having to become my own project manager.

It’s times like these that I feel less intuitive about what to do next, so I basically need a roadmap of my life – not just to-do lists – to get me to the next step and beyond.

I’m toying with tools old and new to keep things straight:

For a right-brainer like me, living strictly by lists can take the joy out of things. So using tools I love helps me get things done, even as they pile up. And as long as there’s margin for the creative, it’s all good.

Here’s to planning for crazy.

6 thoughts on “Taming squirrels

  1. Oh my goodness.. I was thinking it MUST be something in the air ?…or maybe a full moon?…. such a similar time for me!!!…. I got a post up today about patience.. because that’s where i landed in this particular side journey… lots of things swirling around…SO look forward to your posts… A few of our group are drifting as well it seems.. But i somehow KNOW this whole chapter came together for good reason so i am sticking with it. I’m pretty sure maybe 4 people read what i write..but its still okay… I am getting closer to the something i was searching for.. a ‘voice’ in the writing… yours give me inspiration.. so let’s keep at it and see where we land… Best wishes to you.et al..estelle

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    • I feel same – finding my way but now amidst a lot more activity (not always positive), so that’s been tough. But I don’t want to lose my little baby platform. It’s been a good, fun experience, have met great people like you – and it has kept my writing sharper. Just need to keep at it in a manageable way. I’ll probably post later today/tonight. Miss my digital pen – and you! 🙂

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  2. Nydia, I’m not 100 percent clear on the three productivity tools you listed. Are you trying all three to see which one you’ll stick with, or do you find usefulness in each one and plan to use them all? You’re my guinea pig!
    I’m about to download Scrivener after listening to Michael Hyatt refer to it several times over the past few weeks. Not the same type of tool you mentioned above, but a way to be more organized, nevertheless.
    Thanks for being a go-to source on techy stuff! I’m a nerd but love a good recommendation!
    Estelle, keep on trucking. You have good things to say. 🙂

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  3. Hi Suzy!
    Good to hear from you. What’s funny is, I forgot one tool that I just remembered I had a beta invite to. It’s called BoardThing, and it works like Trello – a very free-form way to manage ideas, checklists, notes, comments – in a collaborative environment.

    To answer your question…Yes. I actually use all the tools above for one thing or another. I’m starting a new project today, for example, where we will be doing a major brain dump/brainstorm. I suspect I’ll be mind mapping a lot while we get all our ideas out there, and then organize them.

    Then I’ll probably put a loosey-goosey project plan into Trello (which I’m still learning). I have a feeling specific To Dos will go into my online To-Do list in ToodleDo (which is great on a mobile device, too).

    I see lots of white-boarding in my next 7 days as we continue this project, so it’s inevitable pen/paper will also come into play.

    It feels like I’m untangling unconditioned hair when I start to put my ideas and thoughts in order, but I use whatever works!

    p.s. Scrivener is GREAT for writing projects. If I get pulled that direction, I may need to download it again. Years ago, it was cheap-to-free! Have fun. Let me know how you like it.


    • I have a staff of three (me, myself and I), so I probably don’t need all those tools, but it’s good to know you find them useful, including Scrivener. I downloaded it but haven’t watched any tutorials or read much info yet, but I can already tell it’s going to help me a lot.

      Thanks for the recommendations!


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