Confessions of a sun worshipper

I admit it. I love the sun.

In the last few weeks, I have realized how much sunlight means to my sanity. I’m not just talking about for tanning purposes. Been there, done that; had a real bad sunburn in places sunburns shouldn’t go.

I’m just saying I appreciate the sun more than ever.

Image of fog settling over Rocky Mountains

How Colorado has looked for nearly one month – until today. Photo by Amber Van Schooneveld

No, really.

Colorado has seen more rain in the month of May 2015 than in any other May in history. That is unacceptable, folks.

But wait – it’s reality. Note to self: Suck it up. That’s what big kids do, right?

Meanwhile, back at Rancho Poor Mexican Gone …

I haven’t been able to crank out any content. I have blog ideas outlined or drafted – but every last one of them has been stuck behind the Publish button – or worse, stuck in my mind. Nothing could unclog them.

Anyway, some things have actually happened in the world of Poor Mexican Gone over the last few weeks:

  • My AncestryDNA test results came back – way earlier than I expected. Is that just “delighting the customer” or did I not have enough data in my tree? A new post on that soon. Interesting stuff.
  • More of Braulio’s peripheral family members and their records have shown up in my research, offering more validation (maybe 70%?) that he is in our bloodline.
  • Some great new fabrics came in to help me with my new quilting/sewing addiction (which requires much more time than anyone can imagine).
  • More freelance work has come my way – yay!
  • I’ve been playing more tennis, AND I got me some new kicks for the 2015 season.

So all that to say – it’s been an oddly overwhelming month, mostly in a good way.

But this weather!

And the angels sang

And the angels sang

Ask any Coloradan: If we don’t get our 300+ days of sunshine per year, we’re a collective, hot mess.

As you might have guessed, the sun finally came out today. We’re thrilled and hopeful, with all fingers and toes crossed.

And now maybe, just maybe, the sun will finally unclog the blog.

2 thoughts on “Confessions of a sun worshipper

  1. Nydia- so wonderful to see your post — have thought much about you as the weather reports have come thru. My husband and i also moved to find relief from weather that seemed to suffocate our lives. For us, it was the extreme heat in Arizona which seemed to begin in April and run solid thru October… we grew so weary of ‘Life in Airconditioning’…

    We moved to Boston for a wonderful new place of work for my husband at Berklee College of Music and a magical new chapter in my life in the world of Special Events. Neither of us fully understood what a BIG part of the East Coast culture revolves around the ‘weathaa’. Here if you don’t like it now,wait five minutes.. it will change…. of course that also gets tiresome and lifts part of the spirit.

    Perhaps it’s greatest gift has been the recognition of time. As we grow older we measure TIME in different ways…with different labels and names especially when we become aware of what ‘makes us feel more content, productive, and safe’. Now some twenty five years later time went from the
    tick – tock predictable pace with mornings,evenings,days weeks,months.. holidays,benchmarks and variety to a whirling dervish of activity that has a dizzying effect. NOW i find myself much more aware of what effect the weather has on life for everyone as well….especially as ‘climate change’ enters our lexicon de jour.

    I so understand your frustration..Hope the sunshine stays all around you in beautiful Colorado… you indeed ‘unclog the blog’ of course..(okay that’s selfish because i love & look for your blog) but more than that i hope you feel the peace and energy the sunshine gives you. Cheers always,estelle

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    • Hey Estelle! Thanks for your comment. I took the entire weekend off from nearly all things digital. I’m appreciating that more these days. And we’ve had sunshine! T-storms thrown in, yes, but we’ve had some sun at last. So it has been a lovely break from the month-long blanket of cloud cover.

      I have loads to unload here; just need to keep untangling them! Good to hear from you, friend.

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