A tribute to the crazy who married me

wedding-dayIt’s my wedding anniversary today, and while it’s not a “big” one, it sure feels big to me.

I’m so blessed to have someone who has known how to be my friend, boyfriend, lover, confidant, soulmate, teacher, parent (sometimes – I’m not always an angel), reason-seeker, godly partner – for all this time. Because believe me, those roles rotate like spokes on a wheel.

It’s as they say – you really know who your friends are when you go through hard times. For all the friends I thought would “be there” during my darkest days, no one comes close to how much my husband has been there. Sometimes a silent partner, sometimes a sounding board. Always available. Always patient. Good Lord, is this man patient.

When you’re younger, it’s easy to see all the ways your partner isn’t the saint you thought they were. In fact, we idealize and idolize marriage so much, it’s hard not to feel let down when we find out we’re not married to the perfect human being.

But that smooths out over time, because all of us are more sinners than saints, and if someone’s willing to stick with us through thick and thin and all the crap we often bring upon ourselves – that is saint enough for me. In fact, it’s like the face of God to me. And I get to see it every morning.

Here’s to more mornings, weeks, months and years together. It is the biggest privilege to say that, given the choice, I would choose this man all over again.

2 thoughts on “A tribute to the crazy who married me

  1. Lovely, lovely,lovely so true to life posts about your marriage, partner, friend….and supporter…It is such a very precious gift in life. On that so few really ever get.. So wonderful to read your posts as always and the joy in these anniversary posts has been so great. I was one of the lucky ones too ..had my best friend in my life for 18rs before he had to leave for Heaven.. Do so love reading when others find that joy and write about it because it is so rare. Keep enjoying it!!

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    • Thank you Estelle. Not sure I knew you’d lost your hubby – I’m so sorry. Yes it is rare and I am becoming more aware of how much of a gift this is. Thanks for taking time to read and comment.

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