When the fog clears, you can see forever


I miss our frequent visits to the Bay Area for conferences. I seriously could stare at this view. All. Day. Long. (Image: Axel Anta)

Or at least, what lies just ahead.

Work (or anything, really) can be like a fog, occupying our minds and keeping our lives busy, too full to accommodate one more idea or commitment. Certainly no room for dreaming.

After months on a fairly sizable freelance project, I’m taking off for a few weeks.

On this first day off, there was no pile of work to plow through. No emails to answer or meetings to attend.

Free to think, breathe and generally just chill, I found clarity like I hadn’t had in sometime. Oh, the peace.

Jeremiah 29:11

4 thoughts on “When the fog clears, you can see forever

  1. I can relate, I try not to talk about being retired, because I know how many won’t be able to, but the improvement in my life has been astounding: I can reflect, and ponder, and create better than i have in at least 10 years. It certainly depends on what you do for a living, but the daily grind is exactly that: it literally grinds you down. Enjoy!

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    • Steve, I won’t like and say I’m not a little jealous. 😉 You know, my mom taught me to regard recent seasons of hardship (i.e. 2 layoffs in 3 years) as that “down time” that I might never get again. That changed my whole perspective and taught me to appreciate the time I have had with friends, family and serving my community. It has been hard at times but always rewarding.

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