It’s not perfect, but it is the first of many

My first quilt ever - and definitely not my last.

My first quilt ever – definitely not my last. Although, I might photograph it differently next time – like with hubby help.

Thanks to those of you who encouraged me to continue growing my new quilting skills.

Feels a little naked to share it here, but on the other hand I’m really proud and happy to have finished it. I’ve heard stories about these things nearly getting sidelined for years because no one likes binding them – or maybe even quilting them (sewing all the layers together).

So here’s the first one in all its glory. I gifted it to my friend’s 2-year-old son, who she said was really happy when he opened it himself (slight exaggeration?).

8 thoughts on “It’s not perfect, but it is the first of many

    • Thanks so much, Nancy. It was such a rewarding project. Let me know if you decide to. I have an enormous Pinterest board for inspiration and with loads of tutorials.


  1. WOW madame this is one spectacular quilt– I LOVE IT!! The line, the color the concept Its a total WOW all the way.. KEEP at it… Thank you so much for sharing!! Best wishes as you continue.estelle


  2. You’re so sweet, Estelle. Thank you! I didn’t like the colors at first – just went w/what my friend said her kiddo’s room was…but in the end, they grew on me. Next one has colors I enjoy more..Fighting Irish colors. 😉


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