Whole30: The end of the tunnel


For me, Whole30 has been more about focusing on finding answers. So this image represents coming into the light more than coming out of the dark.

Well, it’s down to the wire.

Down to the end of my Whole30, anyway. I can’t even begin to tell you how worthwhile this process has been for me. What a gift. (I didn’t feel that way during the first week.)

Between all the prepping and cooking and what I’m going to call foraging – not to mention starting a new job – my plate has been full in more ways than one.

So now that my Whole30 is nearly over, I decided it was time for an update.

Actually, it’s not really over until I’ve reintroduced key foods back into my diet. So in another 10-12 days, I’ll really be done. And this is where it gets really interesting.

Po-tay-to, po-tah-toh

One example of how this works comes from my recent decision to take in more white potatoes. I was looking for sustained energy for tennis and, let’s face it: I missed something filling and starchy.

Anyway, last year, the Whole30 authors allowed potatoes into the diet, however reluctantly. In the last few days I found myself eating more of them, and it became very clear very fast that they are not my friends.

So we are breaking up.

Not the one for me

It took about three days to realize my fatigue, mental fog and pronounced aching in my joints (which I hadn’t felt as much since before Whole30) were all tied to my increased potato consumption. That’s how it is with Whole30 – and this was with on-plan food.

Other things I’ve learned on Whole30
  • So many new cooking techniques. If Whole30 doesn’t make you creative in the kitchen, I’m not sure what does. It’s been great in teaching me new things – flavorful and easy.
  • I’m stronger than I thought. Actually, I wanted results from this so badly, it became my sole motivation, and that beats will power any day. So it was easy to say no when I was around off-plan foods.
  • Eating out is really hard on Whole30. Many say it’s impossible, but in the right restaurants – sometimes mom-and-pop shops and at least at our local Carrabba’s – the staff will happily custom-make your meal. Our Carrabba’s went out of their way to make sure my Johnny Rocco salad didn’t contain any sugars or dairy. Made my meal so much more special.
Things I have fallen in love with since starting Whole30:
  • Coconut water
  • Coconut milk
  • Sweet potatoes
  • My new energy level
  • Looser-fitting clothes
  • New lifestyle-changing knowledge that is likely to help me sustain gradual weight loss over time
  • Good, healthy food. I told the hubby today that not only am I eating better than ever, I’m enjoying what I eat more than ever. Not too shabby, eh?
Bringing it all back?

Not really. As part of my reintroduction, I am on the fence about how much I really miss alcohol and dairy.

But my smart hubby reminded me that since I’ll be traveling soon, I should know how I’m going to handle the dairy, at least.

So over the next 10 or so days, I’ll be testing the following:

  1. Legumes (I can’t wait to eat edamame and hummus again.)
  2. Non-gluten grains (Man, I miss me some oatmeal.)
  3. Dairy? (I don’t miss it at all, but it might be my only coffee creamer option when traveling over the next few weeks. I guess thin-crust pizza with some cheese would be nice, too.)
  4. Gluten grains

Before Whole30, I was like the Pillsbury dough girl. I have always loved bread and bready carbs. Now, I might appreciate them now and then, but not every day and hopefully never again in the quantities I consumed them before. This decision will just make me feel better – pretty much a no-brainer.

As a way to discover what foods work and don’t work for you, I strongly recommend you and your medical provider look into Whole30.

While I always hate claims like “let us change your life,” I’ve gotta say: This one really did.

4 thoughts on “Whole30: The end of the tunnel

  1. Thanks for the update. I got off track at a conference last weekend, and I indulged in cake at a big celebration at work last week, AND neither of my egg people got me my farm-fresh eggs so I was out of eggs and did drive-through breakfasts a couple of days … so I decided to restart my 30 days today.

    I knew I would have Labor Day to shop and cook, so I prepared steaks and sautéed veggies last night. I’ve decided to add coconut milk to my clarified butter in my coffee. I miss milk a lot, but not as much as I thought I would (despite all my whining about it). Good to know about the white potatoes. I had some last week but was already feeling achy again after going off plan, so who knows how they really affect me?

    I bought the Whole30 cookbook over the weekend after finishing “It Starts With Food,” which is probably the best healthy-eating book I’ve ever read. (It’s more than just healthy eating, as you know.)

    Great summary. I look forward to hearing more.

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    • So glad to know you’ll be giving it a go again, Suzy. I’m sure you will do great once you get in a rhythm. It is definitely a lot of work, but prepping foods before you start is a great way not to stress out about it, especially in the first week or two. For me, that made me feel like I had choices and could go about my meals mostly as I had before.

      One thing I wish I’d done earlier was make the mayo and ketchup (recipes in Whole30 book and probably online). For Labor Day, my hubby and I cooked out with burgers and hot dogs (I love Applegate’s uncured beef dogs). I tell ya – the ketchup, with a little hot mustard, made all the difference – both on my dog and my burger.

      And as of today, not only am I on my last day – I’m also nearly out of produce. Time for another run around town for my go-to foods before I start reintroductions tomorrow. I’m so excited!

      Congrats on making a great choice, Suzy. I don’t think you need my help, but if I can encourage you in any way, I’d love to. (BTW, the last day of my reintro is my birthday, when I plan to reintroduce cake donuts. Ha ha.)

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  2. Nyd, this is super interesting, and congrats on finishing! Thanks for posting about it. I have considered Whole30 but would need to keep in mind cooking for the kids/Jake, and I always get stuck there. We have eliminated a ton of carbs/bread from our diet over the last year and instead of having bread and dessert with every meal, it’s now like veggies and maybe fruit with every meal. Hoping you got the results you were looking for, would love to hear about that new job;). hugs to you!

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    • Yes it’s much harder with more family members. Even with me & the hubs, it was OK for a bit, then it got exhausting.

      Where we landed most days – at least for dinner – was on things we both enjoyed. If he wanted, he added other stuff like mashed potatoes, etc.

      In the end, food prep (as opposed to “meal prep”) was key. Just having things on hand makes a huge difference.

      I was going to say to you that you look amazing – much thinner! I think over time, my weight loss will grow (I haven’t yet weighed myself) – but only gradually, which I prefer. We must catch up sometime! Thanks for commenting, Jill.


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