I predict I’ll feel just like this after Whole30


Okay, I’m kind of joking.

But I won’t lie – this old internet joke came to mind over the weekend as I spent loads of time shopping grocery stores and farmers markets for fresh produce and Whole30-friendly ingredients.

I can’t wait till I get to “the other side,” but heck – at some point, it’s gonna happen. They even told us so. But it will be quite funny if I come back to my posts and spot the same pattern as that old joke.

Tomorrow I’ll share a summary of Day 1 and why I’m terrified of Day 3.

3 thoughts on “I predict I’ll feel just like this after Whole30

  1. So after the 30 days are up, for 10 days after, I’ll be reintroducing things back into my diet to see which ones make me feel less-than-great and which ones – the kicker for me – keep me from losing weight. I think I already know dairy has been a big part of my issue, so that’s good to be aware of upfront. But yes – here’s to 30 days! Thanks so much for commenting, Monica.


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